Akdag, each moment of the day

Ever since 2008, each day of our lives has been dedicated to our bakery. It’s a place filled with ideas where we work on the best products for industrial and traditional
bakeries with love, devotion and fun. We built our bakery based on our own way of doing business: open and honest, with our customers’
success in mind.

Taste the difference

The most important ingredients of everything we bake for you are attention, tradition and expertise. Because of our Turkish background, we meet the strict requirements of the Islamic community. We love our business, strive for the best taste experience and keep a careful eye on quality. That’s what makes the difference in our products, as is obvious from the very first bite.

Enjoy without limits

Quality knows no limits. Through our constant care and attention to our products, the number of fans of everything we make grows as well. More and more people in the Netherlands are enjoying our products, and we have also started to deliver them to Belgium and Germany.

Kneaded for the future

Our gastronomic culture changes continuously. What doesn’t change, however, is our strength to respond to that, together with you as our customer. As demanding as your clients are, as versatile are we. We gladly bake all your wishes to help you seize market opportunities.

Akdag, always a smile 

At Akdag, we create filo pastry products that will put a smile on your customers’ faces. Fresh, pure, and exactly the way you want them. Would you like multiple flavours? Vegan, halal, vegetarian? Particular weights or shapes? Decoration? Whatever your wishes, we make sure to fulfil them. Give us a try. It will make you happy. 

Would you like to create your own product? You can!

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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